Yoga to Treat Infertility

Yoga to Treat Infertility
Infertility is one of the worst challenges that couples can face. There are several reasons which can cause infertility in you. But extreme psychological and emotional problems, stress, anxiety, depression can prevent a person from conceiving, because hormonal balance is greatly affected by these problems.

No direct correlation has been documented between yoga and fertility. But a 1993 study found that women undergoing infertility treatment have more levels of stress and depression in compare to women with cancer, AIDS and other dangerous chronic diseases.

How yoga treats infertility?

  • Yoga helps to fight all the emotional and psychological traumas by proving a calm and peaceful state of health, which ultimately boosts well functioning of your reproductive system. A quiet, stable mind and body promotes fertility.
  • There are certain yoga asanas and postures that especially target the reproductive organs and the pelvic area. These asanas increase blood circulation and stimulate the energy in these areas.
  • People with infertility problems often report feeling better, stronger, more powerful and confident about their body after yoga practice.
  • Yoga focuses on improving healthy body. After practicing yoga many people are motivated to improve their diets and lifestyle. And this is one important factor, which significantly increase your chances of conception.

Even the American Society for Reproductive Medicine supports the idea of using various aspects yoga techniques to treat stress in an effort to enhance fertility.

Still now, the debate on whether yoga really improves the chances of conception or not, is not clear. A study performed at Harvard Medical School analyzed conception rates in women who attended mind-body fertility retreats, which included regular practice of fertility yoga. When compared to a control group, women who practiced fertility yoga were twice as likely to get pregnant after a year of trying. However, it is unknown whether the fertility yoga was the real cause of these increased rates.

Based on all these findings, studies show that stress related to infertility is highly reduced through yoga. This fact ultimately increases the over all health, which may help to contribute improving fertility rate.