Yoga Myths and Facts

The biggest myth or fact or question associated with yoga is its association with a particular religion i.e. Hinduism. All this arise due to the mystery behind yoga or due to some personal doubts or confusions. Here is an answer to some of the facts associated with yoga.

Yoga is based on religion

Many Christians in the West are ignorant about the history and philosophy behind yoga. For them yoga is simply a means of physical exercise, and strengthening and improving flexibility of the muscles.

However, the philosophy behind yoga is much more than physically improving oneself. It is an ancient and divine practice derived from India, believed to be the journey to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Due to some doubts, confusions about the mysticism of yoga, many Christians believe and think that yoga is originated with a blatantly anti-Christian philosophy.

But all these misconceptions are the result of wrong mindset. After all it teaches every individual a way to lead a peaceful life. And it tells Yoga is beyond religion and who rise doubts about it, is simply the fearful attitude of some fundamentalists.

In the conclusion the invaluable discipline of Hinduism declares that when one looks deep at yoga, it really belongs to world religion and world spirituality.

Yoga is a religious meditation

Some tend toward yoga thinking it’s going to be their new-found religion, while others steer completely away from it because of its perceived religious affiliation. It is absolutely true that yoga has its roots and association with Hinduism. But, however, yoga in and of itself is not a religion; rather, it really belongs to world religion and world spirituality. Yoga meditation has countless benefits to both our body and mind.

One has to be flexible to do yoga

Yoga has a lot to do with flexibility. But that doesn’t mean that if you’re not flexible you can’t do yoga. Yoga slowly increases flexibility of the body after continuous practice. People who are not flexible definitely take some time to learn and do easily all the yoga postures. Take advantage of natural flexibility of your body and start practicing yoga.