Yoga for Drug Abuse

Yoga for Drug Abuse
A study conducted at the University of Vienna by Dr Hackl showed highly significant effects of Yoga on drug consumption.

The study used a retrospective questionnaire in 501 Meditators of Sahaja Yoga of which 268 people had used drugs before starting with the meditative practice.

The retrospective questonnaire showed that 97% of chronic drug consumers stopped taking drugs, most of them at the beginning of the Meditation practice, i.e. 42% after the first week of meditation, 32% after the first months (Hackl, 1995).

Many therapies and treatments have been used to treat drug abuse. Yoga is also an efficient tool to end drug abuse.

Almost 90% people suffer from by drug abuse due to depression, stress and other psychological and emotional problems. Yoga helps to fight all these emotional and psychological traumas by calming and restorative effects on the mind and body.

Yogic comprises a comprehensive toolkit for freeing up blockages at the mental and physical levels. Yoga is the best antidote for all these problems. Yoga practitioners tend to eliminate substances, which can be abused, because they do not need them. A drug addict, who wants to quit, will definitely benefit from Pranayama Asanas, Meditation and many more aspects that Yoga has to offer.