Yoga for Anger Management

Yoga for Anger Management
Anger is the most dangerous and destructive negative emotion. It bursts out in several forms, including wrath, wild outrage, fury, resentment, hatred frustration, jealousy etc. Some times it takes more serious forms like killing and murder.

On the surface level an angry man may seem very calm and satisfied, but the stuck emotion creates energetic blockages within his/her emotional, mental and even physical body.

The different aspects of yoga- asanas, pranayama, and meditation constitute powerful tools for freeing up these stuck blockages at the mental and physical levels. Yoga is the best medicine and the best cure for anger management.

Anger as the cause for several ailments is already acknowledged by the science of immuno-neurology. But prior to all these scientific findings, yoga recognized anger as a symptom of several ailments like high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and emotional blockages. In the words of yoga, anger, whether it is expressed or suppressed, can result in any or all of these ailments.

Here are few physical symptoms of chronic anger:

  • Your heart starts beating fast.
  • Rise in blood pressure as a result of constriction of blood vessels
  • Digestive system slows down its function.
  • Detoxifying systems shuts down
  • Blood chemistry changes which facilitates easy clotting
  • Due to excessive anger, the body releases stress or adrenal hormones. These hormones circulate in the blood creating a cascade effect by giving rise to the new-age ailment, Hypoadrenia.
  • These hormones also cause weak immunity, inability to lose weight and concentrate, chronic fatigue, insomnia etc.

One of the powerful aspects of yoga is ‘Ishwar Pranidhana’ i.e. surrendering oneself to a higher will. This aspect is used to handle, control, relieve anger and the toxic impact it has on your body and mind. It makes both your mental and physical health calm and peaceful and gives us the power to handle this devastative negative emotion.