Yoga Clothing

Yoga Clothing
Clothing for yoga should be appropriately selected to ensure that the postures are performed smoothly. A relaxed posture is possible if the clothing worn does not prove a hindrance in carrying out the posture.

Tops should be form fitting. They must express personal style. There are tank tops, camisoles, t-shirts and long sleeves in a variety of designs. You can have them in Celtic, floral and paisley designs. Shirts can be worn with slogans like ” I Love Yoga”. Om t- shirts and long-sleeves fashion tees as well as cap-sleeves are also acceptable. Trendy and fashionable styles are available in the market.

The most common variety is the three quarters length popularly known as the knee length pant. Then there is the ankle-length pant.There are ofcourse those who also prefer wearing them above the knee.

Cotton pants are recommended when compared to synthetic ones and loose ones as compared to tight ones. These pants are generally made of a stretchy material that hugs and moves with the body. Most have a drawstring and are slightly flared leg. Sizes range from XS-XL. Preferred colors are black or grey, but they are availlable in other colors as well.

Yoga wear for men
Yoga wear for men is functional. Should be well fitting and properly tucked. A pair of lightweight, loose sweats on your bottom pant. A pair without a thick drawstring , otherwise the knots can be annoying. Colors should be solid, earthy, of either light or dark hues.

Fabric choice should be mositure resistant, nylons, although cottons are preferred.

Womens’s clothing
A camistole-top features thinner straps than the banded bra-top style. Choice of clothes would depend upon the shoulder and bust size. Loose straps should be avoided. A style top with a rounded, boat neckline and V back will give a nice look, it will be convenient to work in one.

The Sleeve-less, capped or even 3/4th length can be an advantage. The unitard has become quite popular- a short-legged unitard, a banded camisole unitard-3/4th sleeve or cross strap back unitard to choose from.

Some guidelines

  • Should be comfortable- room to manouver-tight clothes to be avoided
  • Slack and baggy clothes to be avoided Perspiration resistant
  • Choice of clothes according to weather conditions.
  • Clothes to be selected according to nature of excercises.
  • Personal style and taste should be taken into consideration
  • Should be absorbent. Cotton is sweat-absorbent.
  • Should cover the body decently.
  • Clothes that can be easily washed.
  • Well fitting clothes.

Obviously, yoga when performed with proper clothing is more effective. Men and women, both need to choose a style that is convenient and appropriate to them.