Tips to Practice Yoga at Home

Yoga At Home:

Most people feel diffident about practicing yoga at home, they ask why we should have home practice? It is an established fact that regular practice of yoga under the watchful eye of the trained master helps one to iron out the flaws in the technique and become adept. One also learns to be alert in the presence of so many others doing yoga, which helps to maintain discipline and faith.

Here are few tips for practicing yoga at home:

Regular practice and coming to class on a regular basis is only the beginning of the yoga path. Students who do even a minimal home practice are quick to discover the rewards. Practicing even just a few yoga asanas (poses) at home on a regular basis, will reinforce what has be taught in class, and best prepare the student for what the next class presents. Students who practice at home find themselves not only becoming progressively more flexible and strong, but more resilient and calm in the face of life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Since every person’s needs, habits and lifestyle are different, it should be yourself to consider when and how often in a week you can do yoga. Doing a few poses when you wake up is one way to start of your day. Doing a few more poses when coming home after work will calm and end your day. Some people do it in the office after finding a few minutes at work, particularly if they have a sedentary job. The key is to find a time that works for you.

The ideal way is to set apart at least 15 minutes each day, and do a series of poses. If this is not possible, you can begin by doing just one asana. Allowing yourself more time to do yoga is often a challenge. The only danger from this is that you may like it so much that you will want to reorder your priorities.

Remember, it is best to practice yoga before eating or at least two hours after a meal! Practice in a clean space, free from all distractions such as phones, family and pets.