Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation
Meditation is one of the five Principles of Yoga. It is an integral part of yoga which emphasizes on the inner and spiritual development of an individual.

Yoga meditation is a systematic and slow process, in which you work with more external aspects of your being and then move towards inner self by doing the more subtle practices, which gently brings you to the state of meditation.

Yoga meditation has some techniques. Here are the most important techniques:

Mantra Meditation
This Yoga Meditation technique is one of the most popular and widely practiced meditation techniques. It is also called Mantra Japa which means Mantra repetition or Mantra chanting. The final goal of this Yoga Meditation is to help you realize your True Divine Nature. It gives emphasis on refining and expanding your awareness, concentration and promoting peace and joy.

Visualization Meditation
This Yoga Meditation technique employs the power of the mind in order to achieve transcendence. The Chakra Yoga Meditations of Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga belong to this category.

Jyana Yoga Meditation
The Jyana Yoga Meditations are from the intellectual schools of Yoga. They have their roots in Vedanta and Advaita. These meditation techniques use the power of the intellect in order to perceive the false and penetrate into the Truth that lies beyond.

Which Yoga Meditation Technique is Right for You?
Above three Yoga Meditation techniques are the top techniques Yoga Meditation. Among these three techniques which one suits best depends on your personality type.

In general, those with a devotional nature tend to lean towards Mantra Yoga Meditation
Those who have strong willpower and creative mind enjoy the Visualization Yoga Meditation. Those with a sharp intellect gravitate towards the Jyana Yoga Meditation technique.

There is no better way to realize your inner spirituality and truth on this earth than yoga meditation. You can start practicing these techniques according to your personality. But it is always advisable to learn under a guru.

Yoga Meditation has countless benefits. It requires you to sit straight with legs folded and eyes closed. This posture helps one to concentrate on one’s inner self. It is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind.

How to practice yoga meditation systematically?
At the time of yoga meditation, it is extremely useful and important to deal with each level as you move from outer to inner, from gross to subtle.

Here are some important tips to practice yoga meditation systematically:

  • Keep and maintain your practice place clean, comfortable, and reasonably quiet.
  • Prepare yourself by bathing and emptying bladder and bowels.
  • Sit in the required posture.
  • Concentrate on your breathing practices.
  • Then deal with the levels of mind.
  • Then begin to go beyond the mind.