Setting properly the two soles i.e. your feet between opposite thighs and knees and sitting on level ground with your body erect is known as Svastikasana. This is vary popular as a meditative posture. In Indian culture the sign of Svastika considered as an auspicious sign. When you sit in this posture, the position of your legs resembles the sign Svastika, hence it is called as Svastikasana.

How to practice:

  • Sit erect keeping your supine straight.
  • Keep your soles between thigh and calf muscles.
  • Stretch out both your legs together, hands by the side of your body, your palms resting on ground, and your fingers together pointing forward.
  • Now fold one leg at your knees; put it against the joint of your other thigh.
  • Fold your other leg; put it near the joint of your other thigh.
  • Put both your hands on the knees in jnana mudra, a traditional posture of the hand formed with tip of the thumb touching tip of the index finger.
  • When returning to the original position, first stretch out your right leg.
  • Then stretch out your left leg and keep both your legs together.