This posture has to be learnt from a yoga practitioner. This position has got its name because ‘sira’ means ‘head’ and in this position you keep your head below and feet above. In the beginning you have to practice this asana for few min and gradually increase the duration day by day.

This posture increases the blood circulation in your head and improves your memory power. It strengthens the nervous-centres of whole body and improves the health of endocrine gland. It also benefits the digestive system. It works effectively in treating congested throat, diseases of liver and spleen and Visceroptosis. Ii is advisable not to practice this asana if you suffer from high blood pressure, ear or heart disease, cough and chronic cold. If you suffer from constipation you should practice this asana carefully.

How to practice:

  • Sit on your soles. Place your knees on the ground.
  • Form finger lock with both your hands.
  • Making a triangle from the finger-lock and elbows, place it on the ground.
  • Bending forward place the middle of your head on the ground near the finger-lock.
  • Now straighten your legs.
  • Slowly bring the legs near your body.
  • Soles will automatically leave the ground by practice and the knees will touch the abdomen.
  • Now keeping the balance, straighten the legs from thigh-joint. Keep your knees folded.
  • Now straighten your knees also and completely balance your body on your head.
  • Returning to the original position, first fold your knee. Then fold your legs from thigh. Let your thigh and knee touch your abdomen.
  • Now slowly place your soles on the ground. Slowly raise your head also and sit on your soles.