Lying supine on the ground like a dead body is Shavasana. It wards off fatigue and brings mental repose. It can remove the fatigue created by the practice of other Asanas. While practicing this asana there should not be tension in any part of your body. If you feel any rigidness in any part of your body you can release it by shaking that part. It is very useful in fighting high blood pressure and cardiac diseases. It also is very beneficial for the people suffering from neurosis and fear complexes. It is advisable to practice this asana after getting doctor’s advice.

How to practice:

  • Lie straight on your back.
  • Keep your legs apart for about one and half feet.
  • Place your hands straight on the ground about six inches from your body.
  • Keep your palms facing upward and your fingers remain slightly curled. Also close your eyes.
  • After maintaining this position for sometime, return.