Sarvangasana means the one which influences the whole body. Regular practice of this asana eliminates the symptoms of immature old age. It can effectively treat diseases tike dyspepsia, constipation, visceroptosis and hernia. It can control high-blood pressure.

How to practice:

  • Take supine position, keep your hands straight by the side of your thighs, and rest your palm on the ground.
  • Slowly raise both your legs without bending at your knees by pressing your hands and stop at 30° angle.
  • After sometime raise your legs a little more, and stop at 60° angle.
  • Slowly bring it at 90° angle.
  • Press your hands and bring your legs little towards your head, so that the buttock is raised up.
  • After that, support your buttock from the palms of both hands, and place the elbows on the ground making a broad base.
  • Raise your legs towards sky and also the buttocks. Continue the support of your hands. Raise your legs towards sky until the legs, abdomen and chest are in a straight line. Place your palms on the back for support. Place your chin against the chest. Maintain this position.
  • After that, slowly return to the original position. While doing this first lower your buttock, but the support of your hands should continue. Once you are sure that you can come down without the support of your hands, slowly place your hands on the ground.
  • Divide the weight of your body on both the hands and slowly place your buttocks on the ground. Bring your legs at 90° angle.
  • Slowly place both your legs together on the ground without bending at your knees, and return to the original position.