In Sanskrit Nauka means boat. Naukasana got its name because the final position resembles ‘boat. Though it is a traditional posture, you can not find its reference in old Yoga-Texts. This Asana is effective in treating Diabetes and Dyspepsia. It is advised not to practice this asana if you suffer from hypertension, heart disease or lumbar spondilitis. The practice of this asana helps in increasing your appetite. This asana also develops the spirit of adventure, enthusiasm and bravery in those who practice it. This asana helps in breath-control.

How to Practice:

  • Take supine position with your legs together, your hands together by the side of your body and your palm resting on the ground.
  • Slowly raise your legs together. Simultaneously, raise your head and trunk also. Stop at 45° angle.
  • While returning to the original position, first place your trunk and head on ground.
  • Now, slowly bring down your legs and hands. And, lie on the ground as in the first position.
  • Release this Asana before getting pain in abdominal muscles.