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What-are-Yoga-Accessories What are Yoga Accessories ?

Yoga accessories are an innovation of the noted yoga guru BKS Iyengar. Those with physical limitations and others who are unable to do the poses […]

What is Moksha Yoga?

Moksha yoga was invented in 2003 by Jessica Robertson, Ted Grant and Natalia Brajak. It involves practicing yoga in a warm environment in order to […]

Yoga in Islam

Yoga has become popular among some Muslims despite bans by certain Islamic scholars on this ancient Indian practice. Some Muslim clerics think yoga’s Hindu links […]

Yoga for Cholesterol

Excess cholesterol in the blood is a dangerous condition which can even cause coronary heart disease. Therefore, it is essential to keep cholesterol in check. […]

What is Combat Yoga for Fitness?

Combat yoga essentially means yoga designed for soldiers in the battle front who are exposed to severe stress. Combat yoga draws wisdom from practices such […]

What is Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga is ideal for seniors as it is a gentle style of yoga. As the name suggests, seniors and physically affected people can sit […]

What is Yoga Mindfulness?

The benefits of yoga practice can be enriched by doing the poses mindfully. Yoga mindfulness is necessary to realize that this ancient art is truly […]

Yoga for Concentration: Different techniques and steps

Though the information overkill is increasing day by day, our attention spans are becoming shorter. Though we may be listening to music or watching TV, […]

What is Yogalates: Benefits of combining yoga and pilates

What is yogalates? This may sound little vague for most of us. But, this is also a form of yoga that you can understand by […]

What is Yoga Booty Ballet?

Yoga Booty Ballet combines cardio workout, yoga and ballet in a set of videos. Even beginners in yoga can try them. However, results depend on […]