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Top-Yoga-Magazines Top Yoga Magazines

Yoga is fast becoming popular all over the world because of its immense physical, mental and spiritual benefits. If you are a yoga aficionado you […]

Effective-Yoga-for-Arthritis Effective Yoga for Arthritis

Like for many other ailments, yoga can help arthritis patients too. Arthritis causes a lack of moisture in the connective tissues. Yoga can help by […]

Yoga in Prison

Yoga is becoming a popular practice in many prisons all over the world due to various reasons. Prisoners can use yoga to alleviate stress, physical […]

Yoga in Islam

Yoga has become popular among some Muslims despite bans by certain Islamic scholars on this ancient Indian practice. Some Muslim clerics think yoga’s Hindu links […]

What is Combat Yoga for Fitness?

Combat yoga essentially means yoga designed for soldiers in the battle front who are exposed to severe stress. Combat yoga draws wisdom from practices such […]

What is Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga is ideal for seniors as it is a gentle style of yoga. As the name suggests, seniors and physically affected people can sit […]

Yoga in China

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in China. Yoga schools are flourishing in 57 cities across 17 Chinese provinces. In fact, yoga guru BKS Iyengar on […]

Yoga in Orleans

Before Hurricane Katrina struck, the sight of yoga aficionados performing poses in public would have raised an eyebrow or two in New Orleans. But, today […]

What is Yoga Booty Ballet?

Yoga Booty Ballet combines cardio workout, yoga and ballet in a set of videos. Even beginners in yoga can try them. However, results depend on […]

Top yoga poses for kids

Yoga poses for kids might evoke surprise and incredulity in you. However, recent research studies reveal that children are increasingly becoming stressed due to the […]