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How-you-can-clean-your-Mind Insight Yoga

  Insight Yoga Yoga practice need not benefit the body alone. In fact, yoga poses and pranayama are just two steps in the classical eight-limbed […]

What-is-Yoga-Awareness-and-why-is-it-important What is Yoga Awareness and why is it important ?

Yoga practice should not be merely treated as physical gymnastics. There is also a deeper mental and spiritual side to it. Along with your body, […]

Yoga in Prison

Yoga is becoming a popular practice in many prisons all over the world due to various reasons. Prisoners can use yoga to alleviate stress, physical […]

Yoga for Fatigue

Fatigue is a common condition experienced by most of us at some time due to causes like sleep deprivation, boredom, stress, over-exertion etc. The remedies […]

Yoga for Strength

Yoga offers the same benefits as weight training to build strength. This is because when performing yoga poses, you support and lift your body with […]

Yoga for Inner Peace and Relaxation

Many people take to yoga for its immense physical benefits, which have been conclusively proved by research. They also soon realize that yoga has many […]

Yoga for Liver: Different yoga posses for liver health

The liver is an important organ which performs many essential functions. Your vitality and overall health depend a lot on your liver. Therefore, it is […]

What is Water yoga?

In the West, the ancient Indian practice of yoga has been adapted to suit varied tastes and interests. One such interesting innovation is Water yoga. […]

Yoga for Stress management and relaxation

Today, many people lead hectic lifestyles which accumulates stress on their body and mind. To reduce the impact of stress, yoga for stress management and […]

Yoga for Breasts

Breasts do not contain muscle tissues and are composed of fat. Hence, to augment or reduce them, the exercises need to work on chest muscles […]