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Yoga for Spine – Different poses and techniques

Yoga is known to strengthen and revitalize many parts of the body. Research reveals that yoga for spine has many benefits. For the spine, regular […]

Yoga for Throat

Your throat can be affected by many ailments such as acid reflux, allergies, strained and sore throat. Yoga for throat can strengthen, soothe, stimulate and […]

Yoga for Butt

In the buttocks, there is a dense concentration of the gluteal muscles.Women especially find it difficult to shed the flab in this area. It is […]

Hip yoga

If you want lean and trim hips, why not try yoga? Yoga combines poses with breathing exercises to improve fitness and health. One of the […]

Yoga for Hip Pain

Yoga is known to cure or improve many health conditions and hip pain is one of them. Yoga for hip pain can reduce your symptoms […]

Yoga for Exercise

If you are considering taking up some form of activity for health, why not try yoga for exercise? Yoga offers many benefits that you would […]

What is Savasana (Corpse Pose)?

Savasana is usually performed after doing all the other yoga poses. The corpse pose helps to cool down and relax the body. Savasana has many […]

Yoga for Diseases

Modern-day lifestyle is hectic and demanding, straining people physically and mentally. As a result of this unhealthy lifestyle, many people suffer from physical and mental […]

Yoga for Kids

Yoga for kids can help them to improve their academic and athletic performance, and lead a healthy life. Regular practice of yoga and pranayama is […]

Yoga for Cold

Colds can cause runny nose, scratchy throat and sneezing. It is caused by various viruses. A bout of cold may last from two to 14 […]