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Meditation-for-Pain Meditation for Pain

  Meditation is an age-old practice used to relieve pain. Recent studies have validated the effectiveness of meditation for pain relief. The main benefit is […]

Meditation-for-anxiety-helps-to-beat-stress,-tension-and-mental-strain Meditation for Anxiety: Beat stress, tension and mental strain

Meditation for anxiety helps to beat stress, tension and mental strain involved in anxiety. Anxiety is caused by acute stress. In the West, anxiety treatment […]

How-to-relieve-stress-through-meditation How to relieve stress through meditation

During our hectic day, we face many situations that create physical and mental stress. Prolonged stress and agitation can affect our body adversely. Too much […]

Meditation-is-an-effective-treatment-for-depression Meditation is an effective treatment for depression

The only effective treatment for depression is meditation which can be known by reading the following content. Depression can be a devastating experience for sufferers. […]

What is Mantra Meditation What is Mantra Meditation?

Mantra is a word or phrase which is chanted during meditation. It need not have any meaning. In fact, in Transcendental Meditation you are taught […]

Spiritual Retreats in the US

Spiritual retreats are a ample source of information on holistic treatments including, meditation centers, pilgrimages, yoga retreats and spiritual tours. Especially yoga retreats have become […]

Meditation Retreats in India

India has a hoary history of yoga and meditation. Even today, meditation retreats in India offer solace to the troubled minds of harried people who […]

Meditation Instructions

Meditation may seem daunting at first. Our monkey mind keeps wandering and it is difficult to control it. But, do not lose heart. With regular […]

Christian Meditation

Christian meditation is a spiritual practice that can help you to enhance your relationship with God by deepening your understanding of God. Joshua 1:8 say: […]

Benefits of Healing Meditation

Meditation promotes the overall well-being of a person. It helps combat stress and relaxes the body and mind. Healing meditation helps relieve pain, stress and […]