Anti-Ageing Yoga

Anti-Ageing Yoga
If there is any key to longer life on earth, it is none other than yoga. Anti-ageing is one of the important benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps in slowing down the aging process by firming up the skin, providing elasticity to the spine, removing all emotional and psychological tensions, strengthening the abdominal muscles, improving the quality of loose arm muscles, correcting poor posture and so on.

How yoga fights ageing?

Minimizes wrinkles-According to a German study yoga can reduce stress by one third. The stress reduction helps in relaxing clenched jaws and furrowed brows, thus smoothens the wrinkles. Yoga reduces oxidative stress, which breaks down skin’s elasticity and helps in rejuvenating the skin. According to an Indian study, oxidative stress levels drop by 9% just after 10 days of yoga practice. Yoga acts as a natural face-lift, and gives firmer facial muscles.

Slows weight gain-According a University study done on men and women over 45 years of age, the ones who did not practice yoga gained weight up to 13.5 pounds. And, those who practiced yoga regularly benefited weight loss of up to 5 pounds. By helping in weight loss, yoga fights ageing.

Aids in healthy sleep- With ageing the levels of melatonin, the brain’s natural nighttime sedative, decreases. According to an Indian study, regular practice of Yoga for 3 months helped increase the melatonin levels. Lack of sleep is a major cause of ageing, and healthy sleep patterns help in keeping one young.

Reduces stress and keeps brain sharp- According to another research study, yoga is found to keep in control the stress hormone cortisol. Excess level of cortisol causes ageing and contributes to age-related memory problems.

Improves longevity-The longevity of a human being depends on brain, glands, spine and internal organs. Regular yoga practice helps in keeping them healthy and improves longevity.

Increases disease resistance- Yoga has the power to fight both internal as well as external diseases and dangers. When an individual is strong both internally and externally, then it’s very natural for him/her to live longer.

Improves vision and hearing-One’s vision and hearing capacity depends on good nerve and blood supply to the ears and eyes. The nerves and blood vessels that supply to eyes and ears have to pass through neck. As one gets older the flexibility of the neck decreases. This impairs the supply of nerves and blood to the eyes and ears, and in turn affects their function. By practicing yoga postures and yoga neck exercises, one can easily better the condition of the neck. This improves the eyesight and improves hearing capacity.

Rejuvenation of glands- Yoga rejuvenates the important glands in your body like pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and sex glands. This prevents premature aging and keeps you active.

Hatha Yoga mainly aims at making people live long. The inverted yoga postures often convert gray hair back to its natural color, delaying the onset of gray hair, thereby making a person look younger.

Quite often people who practice yoga in their older years discover that they feel even better than what they felt in their younger years.

Even people in their 70’s and 80’s can strengthen their bodies and gain a renewed sense of general health and happiness by starting yoga.

Apart from the above, yoga also offers other anti-ageing benefits like positive mental/emotional state, more confidence, and improved enthusiasm and optimism.