What is Yoga?

Yoga can be defined as the union of body, mind and inner spirit. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word and it means merger or union. Sage Patanjali from India is said to have founded yoga and is considered as the father of yoga.The philosophy behind the yogic activities is purification. The impurities collected inside the internal body affect the mind as well as our physical activities. When the human body becomes purified then the flow of “prana” is increased which helps humans in many ways.

The important characteristic of yoga is the physical and spiritual growth of the human body. Our main target is to attain the supreme goal of human life and yoga helps us in this regard.Self awareness and mind control are the spiritual aspects of yoga whereas asanas, kriyas, mudras and pranayama are the physical aspects of yoga.

Yoga is very beneficial in the treatment of many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma, digestive disorders, heart problems and many more.Yoga improves the posture of the body. It stimulates the important glands and eliminates the toxic substances from the body. There are different types of Yoga. The important ones are karma yoga, jnana yoga, bhakti yoga and raja yoga.

  • Karma yoga – Giving of oneself without the expectation of any reward is karma yoga.
  • Jnana yoga – The different illusions of the world are unveiled by the philosophical approach known as Jnana yoga.
  • Bhakti yoga – The emotional energy is channelized into the spiritual practice.
  • Raja yoga – It mainly covers mind matters and concentration. Hatha yoga which comes under raja yoga is a physical practice and covers the various physical exercises practiced by people.