Tips to Avoid Side Effects of Yoga

  • Patients suffering from health conditions like cancer, asthma and high blood pressure should consult their doctor and get their nod before starting yoga.
  • Some yoga poses are considered beneficial for pregnant women. But, these should be performed under the guiding eye of a qualified instructor.
  • Yoga should not be done on a full stomach. Allow at least four hours to pass after a meal before you begin your practice.
  • Avoid drinking lots of water during your session. After your workout, do not eat or drink immediately.
  • Beginners may experience certain side effects of yoga such as gastric disturbances, acidity, flatulence, gassy feeling, changes in bowel movements etc. They need not worry about these effects, as they will diminish with time.
  • Stop immediately if you feel any pain, and consult a doctor.
  • The most important advice to minimize side effects of yoga is to perform the poses well within your limitations and avoid over straining.