Meditation for Pain


Meditation is an age-old practice used to relieve pain. Recent studies have validated the effectiveness of meditation for pain relief. The main benefit is you don’t have to suffer the side effects caused by medical drugs used for pain relief. Meditation works by relaxing the body and mind and helping the patients focus away from their present pain. A little bit of effort is required to learn meditation, but the benefits are manifold. This article reveals how meditation for pain relief is effective.

Avoid Harmful Drugs
As mentioned earlier, meditation can wean you away from painkillers which can cause addiction and even long-term health issues. Patients already on painkillers can slowly wean out of their habit and eventually quit using them altogether.

Helps Bodily Responses
Our body usually responds to pain by releasing adrenaline. Meditation helps to relax the body and can relieve pain responses and alleviate the chronic pain.

Focus Away from the Pain
While meditating, focus away from the pain. Pain sensations are not just physical. You are also affected mentally and emotionally. Meditation for pain relief helps the mind to focus on other aspects, thus diminishing the mental effects caused by pain.

Reduces Anxiety
Chronic pain elevates blood pressure and causes anxiety. These effects heighten the impact of pain. Meditation reduces anxiety and blood pressure levels. This helps the patient cope better with pain.

Research on Meditation for Pain Relief
Researchers at Wake Forest University studied the benefits of meditation for pain relief and found that this ancient practice can be more effective than morphine in relieving pain. They discovered that meditation reduced pain intensity by 40% and pain unpleasantness by 57%. These pain reduction effects are much greater compared to morphine and other pain relievers that typically reduce pain by around 25%.

If you suffer from chronic pain, try meditation for pain relief. As this article reveals, scientific research has conclusively proved that meditation can effectively reduce pain and the unpleasantness associated with it. So, start meditating today to experience immense physical and mental relief from chronic pain.

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