How to relieve stress through meditation

relieve stress through meditation

During our hectic day, we face many situations that create physical and mental stress. Prolonged stress and agitation can affect our body adversely. Too much stress can cause anxiety, tension, sleeping problems, chest pain, high blood pressure, upset stomach and headache. Meditation is thus a boon for harried people to relieve stress. Meditation calms our body and mind, helps the body repair itself and prevents fresh damage due to stress. Read on to learn more about meditation that helps to relieve stress.

Benefits of meditation to relieve stress

  • Reverses the response to stress.
  • Meditation slows down the breathing and heart rates, normalizing blood pressure.
  • Enables more efficient use of oxygen and sweating also reduces.
  • Lowers the production of the stress hormone cortisol, slows down physical and mental aging and improves immunity.
  • There is improvement in clarity of thinking and creativity.
  • Strengthens willpower and resolve, which makes it easier to avoid or give up bad habits like using drugs, drinking and smoking.
  • Meditation is free and can be practiced anytime. You can learn easy meditation techniques from a book or online.
  • Some people feel benefits after just one session. Others require more time. The key is to persevere and stick with it to earn life-long benefits.

How to Meditate

    • Sit in a relaxed position and take a few deep breaths.
    • You can slowly chant ooommm, or focus on your breathing, or watch detachedly as thoughts float through your mind.
    • Start with 10 minutes of meditation and increase the duration as you gain proficiency and become more comfortable.
    • Even those who are not spiritually inclined can relieve stress through meditation, as it can be treated as a secular exercise.

Meditation for to relieve stress is a natural and cost effective method to conquer stress. All you need is some willpower and strong resolve. There is no need for special classes or fancy equipment. Just devote a few minutes to meditation every day, preferably early in the morning when your mind is calm and fresh. Start meditation today to garner life-long physical and mental benefits.

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