Insight Yoga


Insight Yoga

Yoga practice need not benefit the body alone. In fact, yoga poses and pranayama are just two steps in the classical eight-limbed ashtanga yoga. When we make yoga a way of life by following the suggested rules and living a simple life, we can get many insights about life and how to live wisely. Insight Yoga discusses about how yoga can help us lead a balanced life that boosts our body, mind and spirit.

Mental Afflictions
Correct practice of yoga helps us realize that our mind in its normal state is afflicted by defects such as ignorance, ego, attachment, hatred, and fear of change, loss and defeat. Yoga helps us overcome these negative emotions and cultivate positive tendencies. We slowly begin to develop faith in a higher power and that will enable us to overcome fear and uncertainty. Yoga teaches us to do our best at any task and leave the result to the higher power.

Fruits of Yoga
We should understand that yoga poses, pranayama, yogic locks etc are not really valuable unless they create in us the positive qualities of concentration, steadiness, tranquility and peace. This will help us realize and understand reality as it is. An agitated and confused mind cannot think clearly nor understand reality or truth.

Developing Spiritual Skills Through Insight Yoga
Ideally, our yoga practice should develop and enhance the spiritual attitudes of duty, knowledge, detachment, confidence and willpower. We should learn to give our best to the present moment and bury the past nor worry about the future. To develop detachment, shavasana (corpse pose) is extremely useful. When doing shavasana, we should relax our body and mind completely and learn to let go. Shavasana teaches us that the world can exist and function without us. When we believe we are dead during shavasana, we learn to develop detachment towards unnecessary and superfluous phenomena.

Yoga is a Way of Life
Many people do yoga poses and pranayama mechanically without paying close attention to their actions. We should ask ourselves whether the poses and breathing techniques generate certain feelings and experiences in us. Along with increasing our flexibility and strength, yoga should also give us a feeling of peace and tranquility. For this to happen, we need to practice the poses with awareness and mental alertness. As we gain proficiency, we can make yoga a way of life by doing all our daily tasks with awareness.

Friendliness and Compassion
Most of us are selfish and think only about ourselves. But, when we make yoga our way of life then we will develop friendliness, compassion, joy in others’ well being and a non-violent attitude towards all living beings. Thus, the key to success in yoga is to practice the exercises with awareness which will help us develop the above mentioned positive mental and spiritual qualities.

This is all about insight yoga which help us lead a balanced life that boosts our body, mind and spirit.

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