Top Yoga Magazines

Yoga magazines

Yoga is fast becoming popular all over the world because of its immense physical, mental and spiritual benefits. If you are a yoga aficionado you might like to know more about the philosophy behind this ancient Indian art and also keep track of the latest worldwide developments. To help you, we reveal information about top yoga magazines some of which are free. Simply subscribe to them and get valuable knowledge about yoga at your fingertips.

Top Yoga Magazines

    • The online magazine has plenty of articles and information about yoga.
    • LA Yoga is a bimonthly magazine that can keep you informed.
    • Fit Yoga Magazine can keep you up-to-date about the latest developments in physical yoga. Maintain a slim and trim shape by reading this magazine regularly and following its advice.
    • has valuable information about yoga retreats and features books reviews too.
    • Yoga plus is a popular magazine published by the Himalayan institute. It gives you yoga tips and info on how to perfect poses, choose yoga clothes, mats etc.
    • gives you in-depth information on how to find the best yoga destinations.
    • is an Australian yoga magazine that guides Australians with knowledge about yoga books, and products, schools and teachers located in that country.
    • For Integral yoga buffs, is ideal as it is a treasure trove of the teachings of Swami Satchidananda.
    • Ascent Magazine brings you the best in yoga philosophy and practice.
    • Play Yoga is becoming a popular online magazine catering to die-hard buffs.
    • is a Malaysian magazine that gives plenty of useful yoga advice.
    • guides you on how to practice yoga safely and also information about yoga events.
    • Yoga Sudha gives useful info on yoga courses and how to enroll in them.
    • is a one-stop shop for info on yoga lifestyle and healthy living.
    • feature articles by experts about yoga and spiritual philosophies.
    • Echo media publishes a glossy yoga magazine that gives you valuable tips on yoga, healthy lifestyle and fashion.
    • is for modern yoga buffs who have made yoga an integral part of their life.
    • has info on poses, meditation and pranayama breathing techniques. It is an invaluable guide to safe yoga practice and good health.

Online yoga magazines are an invaluable resource on yoga practice and philosophy. Subscribe to a yoga magazine that best suits your outlook and temperament to enhance your knowledge about yoga and spiritual philosophies.

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