What is Yoga Awareness and why is it important ?

Yoga awareness

Yoga practice should not be merely treated as physical gymnastics. There is also a deeper mental and spiritual side to it. Along with your body, your mind should also develop and become more aware with regular yoga practice. Yoga is in fact called meditation in motion’. Read on to learn how to develop yoga awareness and how to extend this awareness though the day while doing your regular activities.

What is Awareness?
Awareness is a connection and alertness about yourself and your surroundings. You learn more about your vacillating states of mind with increased awareness. A person who is aware and alert, does not indulge the cravings of his senses but remains in control of them. Yoga awareness helps you perceive thoughts in their early stage, before they acquire emotional power. By developing awareness through yoga practice, you pave the way for continuing mental and spiritual growth.

Discover Yourself Through Yoga Awareness

Yoga poses should ideally be performed in a slow and gentle manner. As you stretch your body, become aware of your mental acrobatics and go on a voyage of self-discovery. Yoga awareness also ensures you do not over-strain while doing the poses. Most people live automatic, robotic lives as they eat, breathe and pander to their senses in a mindless fashion. The goal of yoga is to unite body, mind and spirit and understand true reality. Yoga teaches physical awareness which is the first step to full awareness. You learn to mind your mind and body, so to say.

Extending Yoga Awareness
Your awareness session need not be limited to the yoga class. Learn to do your movements mindfully during the day. Loosen your body and mind and perform your daily tasks without mental limitations. Yoga awareness will help you differentiate between the important and eternal and the trivial and transient. You will start to spend less time watching mindless television or web surfing and learn to allocate time to meditate and do pranayama. Yoga awareness will help you get rid of bad habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga, pranayama and meditation are time-tested methods to cleanse the body and mind. Yoga awareness teaches you the intricate connection between mind and body. It helps you transform and heal yourself. In short, yoga awareness will teach you to think clearly and make the right choices intuitively.

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