What is Moksha Yoga?

Moksha yoga

Moksha yoga was invented in 2003 by Jessica Robertson, Ted Grant and Natalia Brajak. It involves practicing yoga in a warm environment in order to develop body, mind and spirit. Today, moksha yoga is popular in many countries including New Zealand, Trinidad, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, Thailand and China. Read on to learn more about the distinguishing features of Moksha yoga.

Why Moksha Yoga?

Like Bikram yoga, moksha yoga is also practiced in a hot room. The advantages are that practitioners become less prone to injury and the hot environment detoxifies the body more quickly. Each class lasts for about 90 minutes and includes a series of poses and breathing techniques. Each class begins and ends with Shavasana (Corpse pose).

Environment-friendly Yoga
Moksha yoga studios do not just preach about a cleaner, greener world. They also practice what they preach. The studios use non-toxic paints, recycled products, environment-friendly yoga mats, water conservation methods, low-energy heating etc. Thus, moksha yoga also teaches us to care for the environment and not just our body and mind.

Benefits of Moksha Yoga

  • Breath control exercises help to relax and calm the mind.
  • They also help in efficient functioning of the digestive system.
  • Moksha yoga breathing also releases serotonin which simultaneously relaxes the body and elevates one’s energy levels.
  • Seniors can ease their aching joints by stretching during the poses.
  • Like hot yoga, moksha yoga is ideal for those who wish to lose weight.
  • Moksha yoga can cure insomnia, headaches, stress, tension, back pain, knee pain, constipation, poor digestion and joint pain.
  • Specific poses are designed to improve balance, endurance and strength.
  • Shavasana pose at the end relaxes body and mind by getting rid of tension and stress.

The popularity of Bikram and hot yoga is well known. Moksha yoga is a similar style of yoga that offers immense benefits to the practitioner. Try out moksha yoga to realize its numerous advantages.

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