Yoga for Strength

Yoga for strength

Yoga offers the same benefits as weight training to build strength. This is because when performing yoga poses, you support and lift your body with your muscles. The advantage of Yoga for strength over weight training is that yoga offers holistic benefits which develop your overall personality as well. Read on to learn how yoga for strength can help increase muscle size, tone and definition.

Different Types of Yoga Exercises for Strength
The exercises of yoga for strength are fundamentally categorized in to eight sets of positions, and each set concentrating on different parts of the body. The classification is as follow

  • Warm-up positions
  • Seated positions
  • Standing positions
  • Back-bending positions
  • Supine positions
  • Twist yoga positions
  • Balancing postures and Upturned positions
  • Finishing positions

Except the warp-up and finishing set of positions, other sets can be further classified in to

  • Beginners positions
  • Slightly difficult positions
  • Most difficult positions

Yoga with Weights
To enhance your strength and get quicker results you can try yoga exercises with weights. This combines the benefits of yoga and weight training. You can use small weights less than five pounds in your yoga practice to engage deep muscles, release muscle tension and stretch them. For older people, yoga is an ideal practice that develops stability, balance and stretching ability, while maintaining muscle tone.

Yoga for Strength

Regular yoga practice can increase strength. Yoga stretching makes your muscles leaner and stronger. You can increase your strength by up to 20% with regular yoga exercises. Many fitness gurus teach that you need to be bulky to develop a strong and fit body. Yoga nullifies this theory as it makes you leaner and stronger. Your abs will also gain strength as stomach muscles are utilized to get into appropriate positions.

Yoga Improves General Fitness
Besides improving strength, yoga reduces injury risk and helps your body perform everyday tasks better. Thus, you can lift groceries, bend, twist, sit and walk with more ease and grace. Yoga involves arching and twisting, which moves the body in numerous directions compared to the one-dimensional forward and back motion of bicep curls. Yoga also evenly tones muscles everywhere in the body. It also increases the endurance power of your muscles as you learn to hold the poses for longer periods.

We hope you are convincedĀ Yoga for strength will help you develop a lean, mean and strong body. Combine yoga with weight training to reap richer and faster benefits.

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