What is Combat Yoga for Fitness?

Combat yoga

Combat yoga essentially means yoga designed for soldiers in the battle front who are exposed to severe stress. Combat yoga draws wisdom from practices such as ayurveda, posture analysis, reflexology, naturopathy, stress management and psychology. It is meant to relax body and mind and overcome stress and tension.

All About Combat Yoga

This yoga style uses dynamic flow of poses, breath control and relaxation techniques. You can shed your religious sentiments if any, as it is secular and non-denominational. It does not require any equipment. All you need is some space and plenty of enthusiasm. Combat yoga is most useful for those who suffer from panic, anxiety or stress.

Combat Yoga in the Army
This yoga style is becoming popular among soldiers in the US army. They use combat yoga to improve their mental focus, physical flexibility and stamina. Besides, yoga is also used to help soldiers overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is a common condition in the frontlines. The move has its origins in Posing Warriors, a yoga program that successfully help many Vietnam veterans combat their PTSD. Today, combat yoga helps veteran soldiers of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars as well. Another reason why soldiers need yoga is the increasing number of suicides in the army.

Combat Yoga: The Ethical Debate
Some people may suggest that yoga and war do not mix. But, in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna encourages a confused Arjuna to do his allotted duty, without worrying about the results. The duty of a soldier is to protect his nation and innocent civilians from marauding terrorists. That is what the US army is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Combat yoga can help soldiers do their allotted task with a clear mind and firm body. Those who are against yoga in the army need to read the Bhagavad Gita to understand the philosophy behind this ancient Indian practice.

Soldiers more than most other people need yoga to combat the physical and mental stress they are subjected to in the course of their daily work. Without any reservation, combat yoga should be popularized among soldiers to improve their health and efficiency.

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