What is Yoga Mindfulness?

The benefits of yoga practice can be enriched by doing the poses mindfully. Yoga mindfulness is necessary to realize that this ancient art is truly meditation in motion. When we practice mindful yoga, our awareness and alertness increase. This improves our self-control over body and mind. When we conquer the monkey mind we truly conquer the world.

Benefits of Yoga Mindfulness

  • Health experts have utilized the practice of mindful yoga to create therapies to reduce stress
  • Yoga mindfulness combines the Buddhist practice of mindful living with the physical benefits of hatha yoga
  • Mindful yoga increases our self-understanding and wisdom, and can lead to mental liberation
  • It enables us to see the world as it really is, by getting rid of false colorings and expectations
  • Yoga mindfulness enhances us physically, mentally and spiritually

Yoga MindfulnessHow to Practice Mindful Yoga
We should learn to practice hatha yoga meditatively. The movements from one pose to the next should be seamless and practiced with discernment and awareness. Pay full attention to your body movements as well as your moods, thoughts and emotions. We should learn to objectively view the rise and passing away of thoughts and emotions, and how we react to them. This will help us realize that we are essentially slaves to our feelings and thoughts. Yoga mindfulness thus helps us overcome the antics of our monkey mind and attain inner peace.

Pay Attention to Breathing
Paying attention to breathing while practicing the poses is essential for yoga mindfulness. This reduces tension and intensity. We become more aware of the importance of the air around us, which nourishes and keeps us alive. Yoga mindfulness helps us live wholly in the present, and give our best efforts in this present moment. Thus, we learn to maximize our potential and perform to the best of our abilities in any given task.

Yoga mindfulness breeds choice-less and relaxed awareness. We begin to understand our body better and thereby avoid over-straining while doing the poses. Mental fluctuations are understood better and overcome with equanimity. We learn to do daily tasks with a still and silent mind. Thus, yoga mindfulness can help us deal with any crisis or situation with utmost clarity and peace.

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