Yoga for Mind

Yoga for mind

In the West, yoga is mostly considered as a set of physical exercises to tone the body rather than the mind. The truth is, yoga is a holistic exercise method, which if performed mindfully, has immense mental benefits also. In this article, we reveal the numerous benefits of yoga for mind.

Yoga for Mind – Ideal Yoga Practice

When we perform yoga poses, we should keep in mind that yoga is meditation in motion. Thus, we need to make every movement with mindfulness. Slow down your breath and focus your mind only on the body movements. Initially this may be hard, as our monkey mind has a tendency to wander here and there. But with practice, you can make your mind one-pointed and focus it on the task at hand.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation
Besides yoga poses, meditation can also have a huge beneficial impact on mental health. Research reveals the many benefits of yoga meditation for the mind. Regular meditation practice improves one’s awareness, clarity of thought and gives peace of mind. Meditation is a great stress-buster. You can get rid of negative emotions, tension, anxiety and worries through regular meditation.

Benefits of Yoga for Mind

  • Regular and mindful yoga practice reduces negative thoughts, helplessness, fear, anxiety, tension and stress
  • You can develop and grow spiritually
  • Yoga gives tranquility and peace of mind as it reduces negative feelings like anger, prejudice, jealousy etc
  • Regular yoga for mind practice can change your thoughts, habits and behavior for the better
  • You can develop concentration, alertness and awareness of body and mind
  • Focused mental attitude can enhance the quality of the physical tasks you do daily
  • Yoga improves one’s mood and overall mental well-being.
  • Yoga releases negative energy and wards off depression.
  • Regular yoga practice fosters self-acceptance. You learn to accept all your faults and imperfections and learn to be comfortable with them.
  • Yoga improves your self-control over the turbulent mind.
  • A healthy mind has a positive impact on one’s physical health. Long-time yoga practitioners experience peace and calm in their mind.
  • Yoga can make you feel positive about your life.
  • Yoga breeds calmness which will enable you to overcome hostile feelings. This will lower your blood pressure and keep diseases at bay.
  • Yoga for mind increases focus, concentration and attention span.
  • Memory power is also enhanced.

Yoga for Relaxation
Every day we face numerous problems like work deadlines, gridlocked traffic, air pollution etc, which stress our body and mind. Yoga offers the right antidote to these problems. Deep pranayama breathing relaxes our body and mind. Our mental fluctuations become reduced and we are able gain calmness and clarity of thought. Yoga teaches our mind to ignore thoughts about the past and future, and focus on doing our best in the present moment.

Living in the Present
When you slow down your pace of breath, your mind also becomes quieter and calm. You learn to think and act from a peaceful state of mind. This will increase your compassion, understanding and patience. Living in the present will enable you to see the world in its reality, without being colored by false expectations. We begin to accept others and ourselves as we really are. You learn to make the most of the present and optimize your productivity.

Yoga for mind teaches us how to use yoga to improve our peace of mind and clarity of thought. A strong and peaceful mind can help us deal with any crisis. Therefore, it is imperative that yoga practitioners learn to do the poses and breathing techniques mindfully to fully benefit from their practice.

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