Yoga in China

yoga in china

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in China. Yoga schools are flourishing in 57 cities across 17 Chinese provinces. In fact, yoga guru BKS Iyengar on a recent visit, said China could even overtake India soon. In this article, we reveal all about yoga in China.

Flourishing Yoga Practice
According to estimates, there are greater than 30,000 yoga aficionados in China. BKS Iyengar was stunned when he learnt that all his yoga books have been translated into Chinese and read widely. Actually, it was Western expatriates who initiated yoga in China to keep fit. So, many Chinese initially thought yoga originated in the US.

Reasons for Yoga’s Popularity
Yoga practice has become fashionable among the nation’s youth. People initially take to yoga as a fad. But soon, they come to realize its immense physical, mental and spiritual benefits. After that there is no going back, and these are the reasons why yoga’s popularity is soaring in China.

Chinese Honor for BKS Iyengar
During his visit, Iyengar’s contributions were recognized by China Post which issued a stamp to honor him. This overwhelmed the guru who exclaimed that this honor had not been bestowed upon him even by his native land, India. Iyengar said yoga can help to forge a close bond between China and India.

Multi-Million Dollar Business
Another Indian guru Manmohan Singh Bhandari has made it big in the Chinese yoga industry. He and his wife Yin Yan have established the Yogi Yoga academy which clocks a turnover of about $4 million. This academy has many branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, and numerous franchise units too. The academy has trained more than 6,000 yoga teachers, and has translated many international yoga books to benefit Chinese aficionados.

China Needs Yoga
Yin says Chinese society is fast-paced and there is an intense rat race to succeed in life. But, in such as materialistic society, even success cannot breed happiness. That is why many Chinese citizens are turning to spiritual arts like Yoga for solace and support. Yin attributes the success of Yogi Yoga academy to good teamwork. Bhandari is the spiritual guru and guide, while Yin takes care of the corporate and business aspects.

Yoga in China

The popularity of yoga in China reveals that this ancient art can help people overcome physical and mental turmoil in any land. Besides, yoga has also become a cultural bridge that connects countries and continents.

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