Yoga in Orleans

Yoga in Orleans

Before Hurricane Katrina struck, the sight of yoga aficionados performing poses in public would have raised an eyebrow or two in New Orleans. But, today such a sight seems very natural. Six years ago, Hurricane Katrina battered the city and made its citizens desperate for solace. Today, Orleans has been named one of the prime spots for yoga in the US. Read more to learn all about the yoga in Orleans.

Yoga in Orleans

Before Katrina, there were six yoga studios in New Orleans. Today, there are 22 studios of yoga in Orleans. This boom has managed to get the city a place on the list of the top 10 yoga towns in the US, as selected by the venerable Yoga Journal. The magazine found that New Orleans qualifies for the list on many counts: variety of traditions and styles, practicing community and an inviting environment. Thus, it is no surprise that yoga is flourishing in New Orleans.

Yoga in the US
In the US, about seven percent of adults, or 15.8 million people, practice yoga regularly. Another 18.3 million profess they are very interested in learning this practice. In New Orleans, many people say yoga has helped them cope with the difficult aftermath of Katrina. In many classes, students have wept about their losses. Thus, studios of yoga in Orleans have become known as safe places where one can let their emotions flow.

Yoga is an Anchor
Yoga studios became refuges for the affected as they attracted both veteran students and newbies such as relief workers, who came in search of comfort. Thus, these studios became anchors for those who were tossed by the turbulence created by Katrina. Yoga practice promoted a sense of community participation and healing. The inner peace it generated helped many victims face their losses with courage and calm.

Meditation Helped the Victims
The mental discipline generated by yoga meditation proved critical for many victims during the storm’s traumatic aftermath. Many residents say meditation helped them gain control over their mind. Practicing yoga poses had a cathartic effect on them, helping to cleanse their troubled minds.

Social Aspects
After Hurricane Katrina, many yoga studios started offering discounted rates and even free classes as community service. Many young people also arrived from other places and contributed to different yoga styles. The post-Katrina generosity still flourishes. Many studios allow students to share mats, and discounted classes have become the norm almost every night.

Yoga Benefits for Orleans
Today, yoga studios in New Orleans help to create a sense of oneness among the city’s communities. Instructors and students bond at classes and outside. Practitioners say New Orleans’ traditions of festivals, food and music help to enhance the city’s yoga practice, as studios continue to attract creative types. Even those who have practiced in yoga havens like New York say that practice of yoga in Orleans is different as it is fun, laid-back and lighthearted.

Yoga with Music
In many studios, music enlivens the classes. Thus, New Orleans has managed to blend its soul with yoga’s spirit. Yoga inĀ  Orleans has become another way of living and celebrating life to its fullest.

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