What is Yoga Booty Ballet?

Yoga Booty Ballet

Yoga Booty Ballet combines cardio workout, yoga and ballet in a set of videos. Even beginners in yoga can try them. However, results depend on your effort and are hence individual.

Yoga Booty Ballet was created by fitness gurus Teigh McDonough and Gillian Marloth, who run the Swerve studio in Los Angeles. The videos feature yoga stretches, ballet-type toning exercises, crunches targeted to reduce abs and cardio-dance workouts. You can choose from different types of videos such as Cardio Cabaret, Go-Go and Latin Flavor.

Advantages of Yoga Booty Ballet

The main advantage is it is less costly and more comfortable than going to the gym or studio. Plus, the variety of workouts prevents boredom from routine. The workouts ensure promotion of cardiovascular health. You can dance your way to good health which can be more fun than other forms of exercise. Dancing builds agility, balance, endurance and strength and you can also pick up a few groovy moves.

You need great motivation to watch and perform according to the DVDs every day. Some DVDs need extra equipment like a ball or weights that need to be bought separately. Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs claim to tone and strengthen your butt and abs. But, do not focus too much on a single body part and ensure you get an effective all-round workout.

The Yoga in Yoga Booty Ballet
Though Sanskrit words are used, the spirit of yoga is missing. The instructors look like they are just going through the motions of yoga. They get through the stretches in a hurry and seem like they are more eager to start dancing. You definitely cannot learn yoga by watching Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs. There is no emphasis on practicing awareness and presence of mind in the moment, which is an essential part of yoga. Thus, Yoga Booty Ballet is more about the body than the mind, and hence does not help one realize the soul of yoga.

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