Spiritual Retreats in the US

Spiritual RetreatsSpiritual retreats are a ample source of information on holistic treatments including, meditation centers, pilgrimages, yoga retreats and spiritual tours. Especially yoga retreats have become very popular in the US. It is a break away from everyday routine and many people consider it to be spiritual. In this article, we reveal the top spiritual retreats in the US, where you can go to relax physically and grow spiritually.

Esalen Spiritual Retreats, California (

This beautiful spiritual center is frequented by many celebrities. It offers numerous workshops on martial arts, mindfulness and massage therapies. This center even hosts a garden where nutritious vegetables and fruits are grown for consumption. You need to stay for a minimum of two nights and the rates suit all budgets.

Ala Kukui, Hawaii (
This spiritual retreats in the US is set in pristine Hawaii and attracts people interested in intercultural dialogue, deep dialogue, spiritual restoration and creative expression. It offers programs such as a writer’s workshop, Vipassana meditation, and Tibetan sand mandala painting. Minimum stay here is for at least two nights.

Omega Institute, NY (
This spiritual center is in the Hudson Valley and attracts visitors seeking rejuvenation and inspiration. It hosts numerous conferences, personal training sessions and workshops. Courses are taught for creativity, spiritual enhancement, mind exploration, writing, dancing and self-care. The best aspects of Native American traditions, Sufism, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism are taught here.

Insight Meditation Society, Massachusetts (
This is one of the spiritual retreats spread over 200 acres of pristine and wooded surroundings. The meditation consists of Buddhist traditions such as metta and vipassana. Both walking and sitting meditation are conducted in serene silence. The rules are quite strict and this center is not ideal for those who simply wish to have a good time. The meditation too lasts from early morning to late night and requires steel commitment. The facilities are Spartan, but clean and hygienic. This spiritual retreat discourages the use of tobacco, incense and perfumes.

Kripalu Center, Massachusetts (
This spiritual retreat center hosts hundreds of workshops on walking meditation, yogic breathing, mindfulness meditation etc. You can learn conscious eating, self-discovery and music here. These classes are taught by experienced presenters and teachers. This center is a haven for hatha yoga aficionados.

Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon
This beautiful retreat offers classes on poetry reading, fire dancing and others. It is located in the midst of pristine wildlife. Yoga and meditation are taught here and you can also take part in singing, dances, concerts and guided hikes. You can hike on the ancient mountain trails and explore the forest. Nourishing vegetarian food is served and you can relax your body and mind in hot spring pools.

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