What are the Yoga Dangers?

Yoga Dangers

Yoga is indeed beneficial to physical and mental health, as proved by research. However, there are yoga dangers too, especially if students think the only goal of hatha yoga is to attain the perfect pose. Read on to learn about yoga dangers and how you can avoid them.

Motivation for Yoga
You should examine your motivation behind trying yoga. Many students are happy with improved form and physique. To this end, they try impossible poses which may be beyond their capacity. They should remember that yoga has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits. Sometimes, instead of trying a difficult pose, the student may be better served performing a simple one.

Don’t Try for Yoga Perfection
You may have seen perfect yoga poses in a picture or video. Do not try to imitate the seeming perfection of the pose. It may have been morphed, for all you know. Striving towards superficial yoga perfection can be dangerous. So, do not sacrifice your body trying the perfect pose. Rather than trying to contort yourself into a pretzel, focus on how your mind and emotions feel when you do yoga.

Form Over Feeling
As said earlier, one of the main yoga dangers is putting form ahead of feeling. This tendency is becoming widespread, leading to increasing yoga injuries. You should remember the true aim of hatha yoga, which is to prepare the body and mind for meditation.

Yoga Injuries
Straining too hard can cause back injury, bone spurs or tendonitis. These injuries can be slow to manifest. Even some seniors, denying their age, try to perform poses which are too difficult for them. Take care not to fall into this trap. Trying too hard can cause injuries which may take many years to manifest. And, it may take some more years to rectify the damage. Therefore, do yoga poses within your limitations to prevent injuries.

Yoga is not an Ego Booster
There are mental yoga dangers too. When you try to perform difficult poses to boost your ego, two negative things may happen. If you achieve your goal, your ego is boosted. If you fail, your self-esteem is affected and worse, you may suffer physical damage too. Therefore, patience and humility are required to do yoga. Then you will meet with success, irrespective of your physical accomplishments.

Yoga Dangers Involved in Breathing

You need to beware of pranayama breathing dangers too. Learn pranayama from an experienced teacher before you try yourself. Some people have suffered collapsed lungs after incorrectly doing Kapalabhati pranayama. Especially, people with lung or heart conditions need to consult their doctor before starting pranayama. Do yoga breathing well within your limitations to avoid injury.

We hope the above yoga dangers will serve as a warning to over-enthusiastic and ill-trained students. The best way to avoid yoga dangers is to stay well within your limits.

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