What is Disco Yoga?

Disco Yoga

Hybrid exercise forms are becoming the rage these days. Disco Yoga is one such new hybrid that is making waves. It has been developed by Crunch Fitness in New York city and includes disco balls and disco music with traditional yoga. Many people, especially youngsters, are turned off by yoga as they think it is too serious. Disco yoga can attract such people as it makes practicing yoga a fun and friendly activity. Some people are affected by boredom because they think traditional yoga is staid and structured. Disco yoga is more entertaining and fresh, appealing to those who want some novelty in their yoga practice.

Traditional Yoga vs Disco Yoga
Purists may turn up their nose at new-fangled hybrid forms such as disco yoga. However, disco yoga instructors say though they have added music and entertainment, the basics of yoga remain the same. The benefits remain too. Practicing disco yoga will also give you a supple body and peaceful mind.

What to Expect in a Disco Yoga Class
Disco yoga classes are high-energy sessions during which inspiring funk and soul music are played to take the practitioners on a disco-yoga trip. However, make sure that your teacher is qualified and experienced. You also need to be well-versed in yoga basics before you try disco yoga, to avoid injuries.

Advantages of Disco Yoga

  • Flowing through yoga poses while listening to soulful and inspiring music can be an exhilarating experience.
  • You can also sing along to the music while doing your poses, which will definitely add to the fun.
  • Move to the music and flow from one pose to the next effortlessly.
  • At home, you can play your favorite music tracks and groove to the music while doing yoga.
  • Disco yoga is guaranteed to fill you with energy, liveliness and motivation.

Even if you are an experienced yoga practitioner, you can still try new-fangled hybrids like disco yoga now and then just for the novelty factor and to check if you can add something interesting and useful to your daily yoga routine. Pump the volume and get cracking with your yoga practice today.

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