What is Karma Yoga?

Karma yoga

In this article, we delve into detail about karma yoga. This yoga means doing one’s best in work and service without hankering about the fruits of one’s actions. Anyway, we cannot control the results of all our actions, so a karma yogi dedicates the results to God and focuses solely on giving their best in action or service.

Aspects of Karma Yoga

A karma yogi lives without attachment and remains cool in failure or success. Karma yoga is known to purify our heart and help attain self-knowledge. Karma yogis strive to serve humanity without harboring ego or attachment. We cannot remain without performing some action. Attachment and a sense of doership keep us in bondage. To gain liberation, we must perform actions selflessly without undue expectation of favorable results. A karma yogi surrenders to the will of God and thinks he/she is nothing but an instrument in His hands.

Requisites of Karma Yoga
To effectively perform karma yoga we must practice non-attachment. Such a state of mind gives us freedom from fear and sorrow. We become fearless and bold. We will start enjoying our actions without burden or strain.

Practice of Karma Yoga
A karma yogi should get rid of egoism, greed, anger, lust and other negative emotions. They should not hanker about fame or others’ admiration. Their character should be spotless and free from harshness, jealousy, hatred etc. Most importantly, practice of karma yoga requires fearlessness. One should be able to face even brickbats with coolness and equanimity. A karma yogi should be free from selfishness, miserliness, meanness and crookedness.

Qualities of a Karma Yogi
A karma yogi is broad-minded and their love for humanity is not constrained by color or nationality. They should show qualities of mercy, cosmic love, sympathy, tolerance and adaptability. They should adjust easily to others’ ways and habits. A karma yogi lives a simple life and equanimously bears even harsh situations like pain, cold, heat, disgrace, infamy, censure, dishonor and disrespect. They have unshakable faith in themselves and God.

Benefits of Karma Yoga
Performing selfless service makes our heart pure. Slowly, negative qualities like superiority complex, jealousy, hatred, egoism etc vanish from our mind. Instead, we will develop mercy, sympathy, tolerance, humility and pure love. Our outlook on life will become liberal and broad-minded. We will start to feel oneness and unity with all beings. Eventually, we will gain self-knowledge and realize that all is one and one is all.

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