What is Doga?


Is yoga only for humans? Definitely not, say dog lovers. Doga or dog yoga is becoming increasingly popular among dog lovers. Such people combine their love for yoga and dogs. They perform yoga poses with their dog balanced on their bodies. In fact, dog yoga classes are increasing in popularity and numbers all across the USA.

Reaction from Yoga Teachers
But, not everybody is happy with this development. Some traditional yoga teachers say doga trivializes yoga by making this ancient art into a latest fad.

What is Doga?

Doga combines meditation and massage for dogs. Dog classes include gentle stretching for the canines helped by their human owners. In many of the dog yoga poses, the dogs are helped by their owners. In fact, some instructors even offer teacher training in dog yoga. Though there are no official guidelines, doga instructors learn and share techniques among themselves. Each dog yoga class can cost between $15 to $25 per class depending on the location and facilities offered.

Benefits of Doga
Both humans and their pet dogs can benefit from dog yoga. Humans can deepen their stretches as the dog provides extra weight. Meanwhile, the dogs can bond happily with their owners. Doga teachers say it is not about teaching silly tricks to dogs and they are not manipulated in any way. Dog yoga can improve heart function and digestion in dogs because of the massage and poses involved. For humans, dog yoga can reduce stress and promote a feel-good factor. Besides, humor is a big part too. Dogs and their humans can get entangled during the poses and everybody is guaranteed to have a great time.

Challenges of Doga
Sometimes, your dog will not stop barking. Other dogs will not take part in doing the poses, despite their owners’ best cajoling tactics. Some doga teachers offer treats to the dogs to bribe them. But, some stubborn dogs will just enjoy the treats, while their owners have to do the poses.

In a changing world, your dog may be the only fixed point that gives you happiness. You can reduce stress by bonding with you dog during doga. And, your dog will also feel happy to share quality time with you. Besides, taking your dog to yoga class will ensure that you are regular and thus gain from the consistent practice.

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