Cost of Yoga Classes

If you are intrigued after hearing about the numerous physical and mental benefits of yoga and wish to try out this ancient yet relevant art form, then you might be curious about the cost of yoga classes. In the US, each yoga session may cost between $9 to $15, it depends on the location. In coastal or metropolitan areas the cost of a yoga class may even go up to $18 and more.

Cost of yoga

Buy in Bulk
To reduce your costs, you can try to buy sessions in bulk. This tactic can save you about 15% of the total cost. For example, if you buy 10 sessions for $100, you will save $20 if each session costs you $12. Many studios offer a lot of packages to suit everyone’s budget. But, such a package may impose guidelines like scheduled timings and instruction by a particular teacher. So, evaluate all the pros and cons before you sign up.

Bundle Offers
Some gyms offer unlimited yoga sessions along with membership. These offers give you total access to gym equipment and other facilities. Some studios offer discounted rates for beginners. Certain gyms throw in Pilates training and massage therapy along with yoga sessions. Others give out seasonal discounts. Referral programs and loyalty rewards are also common tactics.

Added Costs
Some studios pile on the cost of yoga classes by charging for towels, mats, sauna and lockers. Evaluate whether you actually need these facilities before signing up. But, you do need a towel and yoga mat, so look around for the cheapest prices that offer the best quality. Typically, a yoga mat costs between $25 to $80. You can buy a comfy microfiber towel for about $30. So, do your homework before you start yoga sessions to get the best deal at the cheapest price.

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