Yoga for Chronic Diseases

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Many people with chronic diseases turn to yoga for relief. Yoga, which includes gentle stretches combined with breathing exercises and meditation techniques, is known relieve discomfort and tension in patients. Yoga is beneficial for such chronic diseases as diabetes, depression, cardiovascular conditions, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis to name just a few.

Benefits of Yoga for Chronic Diseases

Yoga poses and techniques provide relief from chronic pain, and soothe and calm the mind. The patient’s fortitude increases and they become confident and mentally strong to face any consequence of their condition. Today, about 18 million Americans regularly practice yoga. Medical researchers and doctors all over the USA are increasingly becoming aware of the effectiveness of yoga for chronic diseases such as cancer, asthma and back pain.

Effectiveness of Yoga for Chronic Diseases
Actually, in India from where yoga originates, yoga is supposed to be a foundation for starting meditation and other spiritual practices. In the West, yoga has been scientifically proved to be effective for improving physical and mental health. This is why yoga is becoming popular as an alternative method of treatment for many chronic conditions. Though there are many styles of yoga, the main foundations are poses, pranayama and meditation.

Yoga Therapy for Chronic Diseases
Health experts vow that yoga effectively relieves the symptoms of chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and high blood pressure. This ancient art delivers powerful medical results. Yoga helps to calm the mind, stretch the muscle groups and stimulates the body’s inherent healing powers. Thus, patients can take personally take charge of their physical and mental health.

Recognition From Health Experts
In the US, even the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) has caught onto the yoga boom. Recently, its National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine agreed to fund researches on the benefits of yoga for chronic diseases such as insomnia, back pain and chronic emphysema.

Yoga Eases Tension
Yoga poses, breathing and meditation ease and root out deep-seated tensions in the body and mind. As a result, the body’s organs function more efficiently and nutrients, blood and oxygen circulate more freely all over the body. In fact, it is yoga’s ability to reduce stress and tension that is the key to its effectiveness in combating many physical and mental conditions.

Yoga Relieves Stress
In today’s hectic world, stress affects both body and mind. Traffic, pollution, gory news stories, workplace hassles and interpersonal tensions all take a toll on us physically and mentally. Thus, stress has become a major factor in causing ailments. Yoga aids in this case as it helps in managing mental stress, which improves conditions such as back problems, depression, low energy, poor elimination, digestion and circulation.

Start yoga practice today to treat your ailments if any, and better still, prevent new ones from affecting your body, mind and spirit.

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