Yoga for Boys

yoga for boys

Many boys think yoga is for sissies and little girls. It can be challenging to make boys interested in yoga. In this article, we give tips on how to make yoga for boys interesting and useful. Read on to learn how yoga can benefit boys physically and mentally.

Drop Names

One of the best ways to get boys interested in yoga is to drop the names of celebrities who are into yoga. In the US, many pop singers, movie stars and even basketball teams like the L.A. Lakers, are known to be yoga aficionados. So, drop the names of Sting, Madonna, Lady Gaga and others who have taken to yoga and profess to have benefited from it.

Benefits of Yoga for Boys

To excite the boys, enumerate the numerous benefits of yoga to them. Physically, yoga can make boys healthy, strong and flexible, which will help them excel in sports. Mentally, yoga for boys can be relaxing and help the kids become more focused. This will help them in academics and in dealing with the various vicissitudes of life.

Choose Strength-Improving Poses
Boys may be more interested in those poses that improve strength rather than flexibility. So, yoga for boys should focus on challenging sets, that improve their strength and make them feel great about themselves. Slowly, as the boys warm up to yoga, you can introduce deep stretching and flexibility poses to give them all-round development.

Yoga for Relaxation
Growing boys need more sleep compared to adults. So, teach them Shavasana (Corpse Pose) and yoga nidra (yogic sleep) which will help them get much needed rest and relaxation. Yoga for boys is not all about strength and muscle. Teach the kids the deeper aspects of yoga that include focus on mental and physical relaxation for optimum functioning of body and mind. Disorders like attention deficit disorder can be overcome by yoga which will help the boys realize their inner mental strength to overcome obstacles.

Yoga Builds Mental Strength
Boys may think that winning in sports is just about being stronger physically. But, in a tight situation, mental strength is also vital. Yoga for boys can teach them how to be relaxed even in tight situations, which can help them give their best at all times. The boys will realize when you give your best at all times, the result does not matter. Yoga meditation can also be helpful to soothe frayed nerves and prepare the boys to face all outcomes with coolness and equanimity.

Use Groovy Music

To make yoga for boys more interesting, you can also include groovy music in your classes. Music excites most boys and teens, so playing their favorite tunes in the background can help to enthuse and motivate the kids. You can ask the boys for suggestions to play the best tunes that can perk up the classes.

Yoga Philosophy for Boys
Yoga is not just about making your body stronger and more flexible. As their interest grows, you can teach the boys more about yoga philosophy like the concepts of non-violence, selfless service and working with non-attachment. You can reveal the ancient roots of yoga which will help the boys do some research and discover the roots and finer points of yoga philosophy. Yoga for boys will help the kids realize that this ancient art is most relevant to us even today by benefiting us physically, mentally and spiritually.

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