Yoga for Mental

Yoga for Mental

Yoga classes are known to make students feel better. Research also reveals that regular yoga practice gives physical, mental and spiritual relief and rest. But, what about yoga for mental disorders? Can it heal mental problems like depression, tension, anxiety etc. Again, researchers say yoga can help patients with mental disorders. But, there is a caveat. Yoga practice needs to be combined with supervision by trained psychologists to obtain the best possible results and avoid negative effects.

Yoga Poses for Emotions
In the US, plenty of psychotherapists have started using yoga to treat their patients. Yoga poses when performed with attention and focus, can improve emotional health. Thus, this ancient art is an excellent method to soothe the troubled mind.

How Yoga Works for Mental Disorders
Psychologists say yoga is great for stress management. Regular practice keeps the mind in equilibrium. This helps to ease anxieties, tensions and worries. Another effect is increased awareness. A dedicated yoga student slowly becomes more aware of the shenanigans of his mind. Thus, they can become alert when negative emotions enter their mind. Yoga meditation teaches us that when we detachedly observe negative feelings as they pass through our mind, the negativities lose their power and do not take root in the mind and body.

Yoga for Mental Disorders

Research reveals that yoga enhances motivation, mood, sense of direction and mental health. Yoga also boosts physical health, which is important to maintain sound mental health. Yoga makes us realize that our ego is just an inflated balloon with nothing substantial inside. When we conquer our ego, half the mental battle is won. Yoga also improves sleep, and quality rest goes a long way in easing the troubled mind.

Research on Yoga for Mental Disorders
Many research studies confirm that yoga has a positive effect on students’ moods. Regular practice transforms negative emotions into positive feelings. Even those with severe depression come out of their negative state and experience positive moods.

Yoga for Depression and Schizophrenia
In India, the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (Nimhans) has carried out extensive research on the usefulness of yoga for mental disorders like schizophrenia and depression. Nimhans doctors say yoga stimulates positive biological changes in the students’ bodies. They recommend yoga therapy in addition to medication to treat minor mental ailments.

Researchers Report on Yoga
Nimhans researchers report that yoga has a curative effect on mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression, memory loss in seniors and others. They say the degree of improvement brought about by yoga can be compared to regular medicine, but without the side effects. Particularly, yoga meditation is helpful for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, tension etc.

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