What is Svaroopa Yoga?

Svaroopa Yoga

The unique aspect of Svaroopa yoga is that it opens and decompresses the spine from bottom to top. This releases spinal tension. Opening of the spine heals and transforms our body and mind. Spiritually, we begin to become aware of our divine essence. Another aspect of Svaroopa yoga is the use of props like soft blankets. This yoga style is therapeutic both physically and mentally. Physical and mental blockages including discomfort, pain and established mental patterns are dissolved.

What is Svaroopa Yoga?

Svaroopa yoga is ideal for beginners and experienced students alike. It cultivates both flexibility and stamina simultaneously. In Sanskrit, Svaroopa literally means ¬Ěthe innate bliss of your being. Stiff and out-of-shape people, and those who are stressed can try Svaroopa yoga for effective relief. This yoga style focuses on releasing tension in the spinal muscles. The poses involve effective angles.

Benefits of Svaroopa Yoga
Svaroopa yoga postures create more space for the body’s internal organs by releasing spinal and pelvic tensions. This improves immune system, glandular and internal organ functions. Your lungs will start breathing simultaneously with the whole body. The internal organs get a thorough massage which improves their functioning.

Eases Tension
Svaroopa yoga instructs students to align their joints and bones using the support of their skeletal system. The arms, legs and abdomen are engaged to support the spinal muscles in holding a pose. A tight spine can exhaust your muscles. Regular practice of Svaroopa yoga can ease tension and help you do the poses and daily activities effortlessly.

Quiets the Mind
Tight spinal muscles weaken body functioning. Svaroopa yoga eases this spinal tightness and tension which releases the supply of nutrients, oxygen and energy to shut-out areas. This makes your cells come alive and strengthens your muscles. Svaroopa yoga also improves stamina, inner strength, flexibility and quiets your mind.

Ujjayi Pranayama
Daily activities such as gardening, computer work and long driving create stress and tighten our spinal muscles. Svaroopa yoga provides effective relief by releasing the accumulated spinal tension. Classes also involve pranayama breathing techniques to soothe the mind and nervous system. Specifically, Ujjayi pranayama can improve the immune system and cure allergies.

Mental Benefits
Regular Svaroopa yoga practice transforms your mind, body and emotions by releasing inner blocks and promoting the body’s natural healing abilities. You can get rid of headaches, shoulder/neck tension and back pain. Your mind will start to feel more relaxed, peaceful and blissful.

Transforms You
Svaroopa yoga is not mere exercise. It scientifically maximizes the body’s capacity by dissolving tensions which affect the body’s functioning and healing power. This release of inner blocks eases the body, mind and spirit. A contracted body affects natural functioning. Svaroopa yoga makes use of precise alignments while doing select poses with the help of carefully placed props to release the body’s deepest tensions. This opens you up physically and mentally, transforming your outlook towards your life and the world at large.

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