What is Viniyoga?


Viniyoga is a style of yoga which is different from vinyasa yoga and should not be confused with the latter style. It helps a student adapt yoga poses and practices to his/her capabilities. Viniyoga gurus develop a personal yoga program for their students based on the latter’s health, physical condition, age and other factors. In a normal yoga class, there is no personal touch. Therefore, viniyoga is better as you can modify the yoga program to suit your needs.

Origin of Viniyoga
Renowned yoga guru Krishnamacharya devised the viniyoga style. Krishnamacharya’s famous disciples include BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. Krishnamacharya’s son Desikachar took up his father’s legacy and became an authority on viniyoga. In America, Gary Kraftsow has popularized this yoga style among the aficionados. Kraftsow has trained many therapists and teachers in this yoga style.

Aspects of Viniyoga
A typical viniyoga session includes practicing poses, meditation, chanting and pranayama. Even those suffering from illness, injury or other handicaps can adapt vini yoga to their unique needs. Thus, vini yoga can be gentle or vigorous according to the student’s preferences. The yoga poses are combined with awareness of breath and body and their harmonious interaction. Body movements and breathing complement each other. The poses are sequenced appropriately to maintain the physical balance and stability of the students.

Benefits of Viniyoga

Viniyoga can help you in the following ways:

  • You can connect with your innate wisdom
  • Breath awareness and development
  • Improved focus, strength and flexibility
  • Postural alignment

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