What is Artistic Yoga?

artistic yoga

Artistic yoga is a style devised by the noted Indian guru Bharat Thakur. Artistic yoga helps to cultivate a healthy body, and a quiet and sound mind. It consists of poses, breathing exercises, yogic locks and cleansing techniques. Besides, cardiovascular training is also incorporated to develop core strength. Read on to learn more about artistic yoga.

How Artistic Yoga Works?
This yoga style works both at the physical and mental levels. Physically, the students can develop endurance, flexibility and strength. Mentally, they can become more alert and aware by practicing meditation techniques. Artistic yoga is so named because it attracts artists like actors, musicians, painters, writers, etc. But, its suits people of all types, regardless of their age or physical capacity.

Artistic yoga is an ideal antidote to modern-day ailments like lethargy, obesity and increased stress. Regular practice can transform you mentally and physically. Meditation and chanting techniques can help you center and calm the mind.

Unique Aspects of Artistic Yoga
Bharat Thakur says artistic yoga is different from in many ways from traditional yoga. While normal yoga classes feature the same routines every day, artistic yoga focuses on only a couple of body parts in a single class. This helps in weight loss and toning the body. Spiritually, breathing and meditation techniques energize you, and at the same time you feel more peaceful and calmer after the class.

Bharat Thakur’s Views
Bharat Thakur says yoga practice improves awareness of body and mind. Spiritually, you can even attain liberation through yoga. Many people think yoga is only for the sick or elderly. However, yoga practice should start in childhood as children have flexible and loose bodies. Regular practice of yoga can prevent many ailments, reveals Thakur.

Benefits of Artistic Yoga

  • Helps in relieving stress and losing weight
  • Sculpts the body by toning the muscles
  • Heals back pain by strengthening the back muscles
  • Increases immunity power and prevents diseases
  • Energy levels are raised
  • Body and mind are harmonized

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