Yoga for Surfers : Physical and Mental Benefits

Yoga for Surfers

Surfers seek their salvation trying to ride rough waves in the sea. Can yoga for surfers benefits in any way? You may be surprised to know that yoga holds many benefits for surfers. In fact, many surfers practice yoga poses before they hit the sea. On the beach you can find surfers doing upward-facing dog, Cobra, Dolphin, Warrior, downward-facing dog and other poses. Read on to learn the many benefits of yoga for surfers.

Benefits of Yoga for Surfers

Both yoga and surfing alike can improve you physically and mentally. For surfers, yoga can improve their flexibility and balance, and add to their physical and core strength. Therefore, it is not surprising that many teachers have started producing yoga DVDs targeting surfers, even pro surfers. With yoga, your body and mind will become more intelligent, centered, strong as well as twisty. You will also get better presence of mind that will allow you to be calm even under pressure.

Mental Benefits of Yoga for Surfers
Surfers can gain mentally too through regular yoga practice. Yoga poses increase awareness about body and mind. The intense concentration needed to do yoga brings calmness to mind and breath. Awareness of breath and breathing brings the natural flow and rhythm of surfers to the fore. You can surf with a rhythmic body and focus on balance. Yoga improves posture and self-confidence. You can remain balanced on the surfboard and be more aware of your connection with nature and the waves.

Beginners Yoga for Surfers
Surfers can enroll in group community classes to learn yoga. Start slowly and let your body adapt gradually to the poses. Most surfers commonly follow the Ashtanga or Bikram yoga styles. You can also buy a suitable DVD to get started.

Yoga Poses for Surfers
The following yoga poses and techniques can give maximum benefit to surfers:

  • Downward Dog for lengthening the body.
  • Triangle pose to improve overall balance and strengthen the inner legs.
  • Half Spinal Twist for better twisting and increased range of motion.
  • Yoga breathing to make your lungs breathe more efficiently in water.

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