Yoga Retreats in US

Yoga Retreats in US

This coming vacation do something different. Instead of whiling away time on the same old crowded beaches or touristy places, try a yoga vacation instead. Yoga can teach you a healthy, holistic way of life that can stay with you long after the holidays are over. In this article, we list out some of the top yoga retreats in US, where you can rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Top Yoga Retreats in US

Ala Kukui, Hawaii (
This spiritual retreats in the US is set in pristine Hawaii and attracts people interested in intercultural dialogue, deep dialogue, spiritual restoration and creative expression. It offers programs such as a writer’s workshop, Vipassana meditation, and Tibetan sand mandala painting. Minimum stay here is for at least two nights.

Kripalu – Lennox, MA
This yoga retreat boasts of some top teachers. You can learn anything from basic yoga to even teacher training. Depending on your budget, you can opt to stay in a dorm or individual room. Meals are high quality, prepared with natural ingredients. Kripalu offers week-long and weekend programs in wellness, health, spiritual practice and creativity, besides yoga. At Kripalu, you can expect optimum living, vitality, natural foods, hiking trails and daily yoga classes. For more information, check out

Esalen – Big Sur, CA
Esalen Institute is another top yoga retreat in US. Programs include spirituality, art, music, ecology, massage and yoga. You can enjoy a great view of the Pacific ocean from the Big Sur cliffs. The institute offers workshops for two or five days. Accommodation caters to all wallets ranging from bunk beds to premium. To reserve today, log onto

Omega Institute – Rhinebeck, NY
This institute hosts conferences, retreats and workshops. You can learn tai chi and meditation, besides yoga. Meals and lodging are organized. In the evening, you can chill out at concerts, open courses and movies. For the more adventurous, available options are kayaking, canoeing and lake swimming. To get more details, check out

Shambhala Mountain Center, CO
This beautiful yoga retreats in US is set on 600 pristine acres in north Colorado. They offer numerous programs in Buddhist meditation and yoga. You can stay in a cabin tent or lodge. Shambhala offers healthy meals, massage, botanic gardens and hiking trails. If you are interested, log onto

Feathered Pipe Foundation – Montana
This is one of the oldest yoga retreats in US, founded in 1975. You can stay in accommodations ranging from tents to lodges. The retreat serves natural gourmet food. You can enjoy the pristine Montana mountains, lakes and wildlife along with daily yoga. Get more info on

Insight Meditation Society, Massachusetts (
This is one of the spiritual retreats spread over 200 acres of pristine and wooded surroundings. The meditation consists of Buddhist traditions such as metta and vipassana. Both walking and sitting meditation are conducted in serene silence. The rules are quite strict and this center is not ideal for those who simply wish to have a good time. The meditation too lasts from early morning to late night and requires steel commitment. The facilities are Spartan, but clean and hygienic. This spiritual retreat discourages the use of tobacco, incense and perfumes.

Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon
This beautiful retreat offers classes on poetry reading, fire dancing and others. It is located in the midst of pristine wildlife. Yoga and meditation are taught here and you can also take part in singing, dances, concerts and guided hikes. You can hike on the ancient mountain trails and explore the forest. Nourishing vegetarian food is served and you can relax your body and mind in hot spring pools.

More Yoga Retreats in US
The above five are not the only yoga retreats in US. In fact, you can find suitable yoga retreats in greater than 20 states, ranging from the New Hampshire woodlands to Hawaii’s serene beaches.

Spiritual Yoga Retreats in US
If you are interested in spirituality too, besides yoga, there are many places where you can find salvation. In the US, a handful of spiritual communities and ashrams organize spiritual retreats. Some of these centers focus on teaching the message of one specific guru. In California, Ananda Village is an international community devoted to practicing the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Here you can learn healthy living, ways to self-discovery and yoga routines.

Sivananda Yoga Ranch
Another option is the Sivananda Yoga Ranch located in New York. This center offers programs on Swami Sivananda’s Vedanta messages and yoga method. The daily routine here consists of spiritual discussion, readings, chanting, yoga practice and meditation. You can also indulge in a healthy dose of karma yoga by volunteering to do some daily ranch activities.

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