Yoga for Knee Pain

yoga for knee pain

Millions of Americans suffer from knee pain, especially due to arthritis. For such patients, yoga can be a boon. Yoga can help alleviate the debilitating effects of several ailments, including knee pain. Read on to learn how yoga for knee pain can help you.

Benefits of Yoga for Knee Pain
Regular yoga practice can increase flexibility and strength in the knees. Many doctors recommend yoga to patients recovering from ligament injury. Yoga strengthens both the outer and inner quadriceps, which keep the kneecaps in alignment. Besides the quadriceps, yoga also strengthens the hamstrings, calves and ankles. All these parts lend support to weak knees. Yoga also increases the flow of blood and essential nutrients to the ligaments and joints in the knees.

Yoga Poses for Knee Pain
The following yoga poses can help knee pain victims:

  • Dandasana (Staff Pose)
  • Ardha Adho Mukha Svanasana (Half Downward Facing Dog Pose)
  • Utkatasana (Seat of Power Pose)
  • Simple Balancing Pose
  • Ardha Bhekasana (Half Frog Pose)

A Word of Caution
Knee pain patients should be cautious while doing yoga. Difficult poses and styles like Padmasana and Ashtanga yoga should be avoided initially. If you feel pain while doing the poses, stop immediately. Knee pain patients should do yoga under the watchful eyes of an experienced yoga teacher. Most importantly, take your doctor’s advice before embarking on yoga practice.

Ideal Yoga for Knee Pain Poses
The following yoga poses are recommended for knee pain, as they are low in intensity and easy on the knees:

Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

  • Lie down comfortably on your back.
  • Keep your arms at the sides and your palms should face upwards.
  • Stretch your body and then relax.
  • Breathe deeply and tell yourself to relax completely.
  • You can maintain this comfortable pose for as long as you want.

Leg Raises

  • Lie down on your back and keep your arms at the sides.
  • Inhale and lift your right leg to the maximum height.
  • Exhale and lower the right leg.
  • Repeat the process with the left leg.
  • Repeat with each leg for three times.
  • Now, inhale, lift your right leg, hold it in your hands and bring it towards your face.
  • Repeat the same with your left leg.
    Wind Relieving Pose

  • Lie down comfortably on your back.
  • Lift your right knee, bend it and, clasp your hands around the knee.
  • Lift your face towards the knee, exhaling as your face touches the knee.
  • After a few seconds, release the pose and return back to normal lying position.
  • Repeat the exercise with your left knee.
  • You can do this process three or four times for each knee.
  • This yoga for knee pain pose stretches the knees and gives comfort.

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