Christy Turlington and Yoga

Christy Turlington and yoga

Christy Turlington is one of the most recognized names in the fashion industry. But, Turlington is not just a vacuous model. She is a keen student of yoga including its intellectual and spiritual aspects. Turlington regularly practices yoga at home and goes to classes too. She also studies Jivamukti yoga, which involves physical practice and studying Yogic texts. Read on to learn all about Christy Turlington and yoga.

How Christy Turlington Started Yoga
Turlington started dabbling in yoga at age 18. But, for the initial few years she was not serious about her practice. Constant travel and her habit of smoking kept her from realizing the immense benefits of yoga. In her late 20s, Turlington faced may stressful situations. During this tough period, yoga bailed her out.

Benefits of Yoga for Christy Turlington
Turlington says yoga purifies your blood and organs. It also improves circulation of energy. And mentally, Turlington says yoga has taught her how to live wisely in the present moment. Turlington also does karma yoga (selfless service) by doing anti-smoking activism and charity work. Physically, she favors yoga over weight training because yoga strengthens and elongates her muscles, giving her suppleness and flexibility.

The benefits of yoga extend beyond stress relief and stretching. Yoga experts say when you hold a pose, the muscles are taxed as they work hard to support your body weight and maintain stability. This elongates the muscles, giving your body that lean, long look. Turlington realized this fact long ago.

Christy Turlington’s Yoga Clothing Business
Turlington’s keen interest in yoga prompted her to start a yoga clothing line called Nuala in collaboration with Puma, a German sportswear company. Turlington says many yoga aficionados of that time wore flashy gym clothing. Her line of clothes was mostly cotton, in muted colors, and they were designed to facilitate free movement. All the clothes were soft and made for ideal athletic clothing.

Christy Turlington and Jivamukti Yoga
Turlington turned to Jivamukti yoga to learn more about spirituality. Initially, she was reluctant to attend classes as she feared her celebrity status would attract undue attention. But, once she started going to the classes, she found that many other celebrities were also present, which made her more comfortable. Even though she is a practicing Catholic, Turlington does not have any conflict with learning the spiritual aspects of yoga. Ultimately, yoga teaches you to live in the moment, which can make your life much richer, says Turlington.

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