Yoga for Muscles

Yoga for Muscles

If you are into body-building and want large muscles, yoga can help you. Many people think yoga is only for sissies and does not involve rigorous physical activity. But, the fact is yoga can help even those who want large muscles. In this article, we reveal the benefits of yoga for muscles.

How Yoga for Muscles Works

Larger Range of Motion
Yoga stretching increases your muscles’ range of motion. This can make the muscles do extra work, which adds size to them. If your body-building has hit a plateau, you can do yoga to increase your muscles’ range of motion and emerge out of the plateau.

Yoga Strengthens Stabilizers
Yoga works out the stabilizer muscles, which can help develop bulk. Many people focus only on big muscles. But, you also need strong stabilizing muscles too.

Yoga Boosts Core Strength
To lift heavy weights, your body needs a strong core. Yoga helps to boost core strength, thereby enabling you to lift heavier weights.

Yoga for Muscles Reduces Injury Risk
Yoga stretching increases elasticity and flexibility and reduces the risk of getting injured while working out and lifting heavy weights.

Yoga Reduces Heart Rate and Stress Levels
Yoga helps to reduce heart rate and stress levels, which are important benefits for everybody. Research reveals that yoga and meditation promote relaxation and alleviate the impact of stress on body and mind.

Yoga is Great for Warming Up
Before embarking on a strenuous workout, you can do some simple yoga poses to warm up and become motivated physically and mentally.

How Yoga Improves Strength and Muscles
Many yoga poses need to be done slowly and you are required to maintain the pose for many seconds. This challenges your muscles. Even adept weightlifters confess that certain yoga poses tax their muscles and endurance. Poses like Shoulderstand and Tree Pose need great muscle control to maintain balance. This can make your muscles stronger. Yoga also realigns and balances your muscles. Also, it does not overwork the muscles, reducing the risk of injury.

Simple Yoga for Muscles Poses

  • Pose: Supta Hasta Padagusthana (Reclining Foot Pose)
    Targets: Hamstrings and hips
  • Pose: Dandayamana Yoga Mudrasana (Standing Yoga Seal)
    Target: Shoulders
  • Pose: Vksasana (Tree pose)
    Benefit: Improves balance

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